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by hellopolly2 on May 14, 2015, no comments

…because if the last ten days have taught me anything, it’s that there’s no “correct” way to vote. I don’t like discussing my political beliefs on social media, and never have done, but the onslaught of outraged posts on my Facebook wall recently has left a pretty horrific taste in my mouth.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a fan of the fact that Britain is a democracy. I’m so, so proud to live in a country that has free and fair elections for all, whether or not you agree with the electoral system (I can’t say I do, but it saved us from UKIP this time, soooo…), whether or not you agree with the party who benefited most from it. The problem with democracy on a grand scale is – guess what? – you can’t always get what you want, no matter how loudly or vociferously you shout. If that were the case, our government could have been chosen by means of a day-long collective tantrum. Please, don’t ruin my delight at the fact that everyone, regardless of ideology, gets a say.

Taking to social media to vent your rage when all this goes tits-up is the modern-day equivalent of shouting into a room into which everyone else is shouting and those who aren’t are banging their heads against a brick wall; furthermore, painting somebody who doesn’t vote the way you do as “morally reprehensible” is a pretty low move. And, again, lacks the desired vehemence when uttered from the safety of a computer screen.  What do you actually expect to happen as a result of you sharing yet another article on how the country will go to the dogs in the next five years? Do, please, tell me more about the success you’ve enjoyed in your adventures in keyboard activism. I’ll file it away with my no-makeup selfies and the colour of my bra for breast cancer awareness. If you’re going to channel your rage, at least make it productive (not to be confused with destructive). It’s also pretty damn condescending to assume that you are more informed/correct than anyone else by virtue of your beliefs. When you assume and all that.

All in, this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the way I vote is (and always will be) a closely guarded secret between the ballot box and myself. Inform yourself through manifestos, vote, vote your conscience, and encourage others to do the same. If you don’t get the answer you want, please, channel it effectively rather than into yet another hysterical post inflicted on others. I strongly believe that political beliefs are personal, and if this ugly, ugly rhetoric continues for the next five years, I’m emigrating. Let me decide for myself, and keep Facebook for your holiday snaps. Ta.

Anyway, to avoid this looking like an exercise in hypocrisy: where’ve I been since January?

February: I went to Chicago for a wedding. It was really, really, really cold, but the fact that I witnessed an attraction named the Cheese Castle more than makes up for this. 

March-May: I studied. And studied some more. Then I wrote a few essays. Basically, I became incredibly boring, and for all I spend way too much in Space NK, I forgot to care about what I looked like, on and off-line. How about you?

New Year, Same Me

by hellopolly2 on January 12, 2015, 2 comments

…because if it isn’t broken, why fix it?


Anyway, hello from this very quiet corner of the Internet. I know that my updates have been sporadic at best, but that’s just how it goes when you’re balancing final-year blues with a serious case of anxious wreckiness. C’est la vie. While I was “away”, though, I realised one thing – I don’t want to blog about beauty. For one thing, it might lead me to erroneously believe that I can write a novel (ahem). For another, how can I tell people I woke up like this when my web presence is contingent on precisely the opposite? So there it is. I love makeup and will happily spend a relative fortune on it, but not enough to outline its every swoop and swoosh across my face in painstaking detail for all the world to see. Haul videos rank up there with parking tickets for the dubious honour of being my idea of absolute torture, thanks all the same.

By way of apology, have some pretty pictures from New York, because going there as a tourist is very different from seeing the city from the perspective of someone who would “rather blow [his] brains out” – a direct quote – than queue to get to the top of the Empire State Building. I still spent the vast majority of my time on Fifth Avenue, though. IMG_1457IMG_1469_edited-1

Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld

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Bonjour and welcome back. Thanks to some slightly inept tinkering with domains on my part, you can now find the new! shiny! Hello, Polly here at hellopolly.co for the time being.

I have a very, very sweet treat for you today, in the form of the holiday collection from Shu Uemura.

IMG_1436_edited-1 IMG_1432_edited-1

Meet Choupette. This little cutie is Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat – who knew he had a soft spot for felines? Lucky girl, she has inspired a makeup collection I can only describe as “darling”. Here are some sneak peeks, courtesy of the Selfridges pop-up counter.




IMG_1438_edited-1  These aren’t highly pigmented, but the textures are utterly dreamy, and something a little lighter makes a change from my usual palette of deep, heavy neutrals…and black (on black on black on black). That gold shadow on the Eye-Need-Shu palette (yes, really) is a perfect highlighter, and you can mix and match the colours to your heart’s content. IMG_1437_edited-1

The lip colours are right up my street. Berry! Red! Dusky pink! And some seriously mottled hands!


Honestly, forget candy canes and the purple one in the Quality Street…all I want this Christmas is a marshmallow with my face on it. Aren’t Boomf amazing?

IMG_1431_edited-1 Oh, and these eyelashes are just to die for, aren’t they? You can get your hands on items from the collection online here, or at Shu Uemura counters nationwide.